" The world .. do not have to know who I am .. and do not need to know where I come from .. and do not need to know what I'm doing .. "
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A psychopath who always justify any means to achieve their goals. Do not trust anyone including his family, his girlfriend and his friend. No matter the circumstances, anti-social, it's quiet personality basically. His tone is always slow, calm and cool. But he always talks rude and dismissive of people in front of him. Always feel powerful and will not be set, just want to live freely without pain. Arrogant and always hated police or agents who cooperate with the police. He also does not believe in god. And he hates people who are childish. He was also included in the category of Tsundere and Kuudere. He never admitted his feelings to anyone because he did not want to have the affection to friends in life. He was also very pleased if anyone who has a talent greater than himself, in playing piano. He was always working on a problem that he Despise alone and will not mess around. He always produced very satisfactory results. Zero is a man who is very tidy, meticulous and organized. Zero current is a smart, shrewd and cunning in making ploy. He always managed to defeat his enemies with just a little force and successfully parse casualties him.He also always considered a big problem with messing around, but he's still going to do it in earnest. He's also more than happy working alone.


He had a very great mind and is able to predict the future. Have the ability to maneuver war high.

And :


Can not continue to use its power

Could make he die if it is too imposing.


He is very fond of reading a novel about china. And also love to listen to music that makes him fall asleep. In between times, he often makes a piece of software that could damage the American program and the rest of the world, but until now his dream never materialized. He also likes to ride a horse as if he was being a general war in the ancient Kingdom.


" If you do not know the problems you're facing, you better keep quiet. "

" justice is just a dream and nonsense "

"  The world just a lie. All will be lost when the time of destruction has come. "

" Love. One word but to make a person kill a thousand people "

" Emotions are just making people become weak and useless. "

" Death, has become destiny and can not be avoided. "