Name : Utsukushi Sora

Romaji : Sora Utsukushi

Kanji : 美しいそら

Age : 15th Years Old

Height : 148 cm

Weight : 39 kg

Birthday Date : November 28th

Occupation : Student

Utsukushi Sora Or Sora Utsukushi is a young girl who school in Greenville Academy. She's enter Greenville Academy when she's 13rd years old.She's home is in japannesse. she is friendly girl.


She has brown hair, Half Short Hair, Quarter Short Hair, Purple Eyes, White Clothers, Brown Skirt, Black Socks And others.


Sora is Friendly Girl And Like Singing. Sometimes She Shy Front People Who She Doesn't Know. She have a feeling mind if her bestfriends cy she cry too.


  • Her favorite character is Mary Kozakura .
  • Her favorite foods is Egg And Pizza.
  • Her favorite color is Pink.
  • Her hobby is singing.
  • Her favorite pets is cat.


"Hi... Friends!" (Sora To All Greenville Academy Student)

"I Doesn't like who people don't care about her bestfriends!" (Sora)

"This world is ... make me happy!" (Sora)

"i kind of hate dogs" (Sora)

"Thanks, for your help" (Sora)