Name : Totemu Yui

Romaji : Yui Totemu

Kanji : ゆいトーテム

Age : 17th Years Old

Height : 150 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Birthday Date : December 9th

Occupation : Student

Yui is a young girl who love school. she never skipped school. She School in Greenville Academy. She's School In Class A. She Got Tittle And Also Leader Of SHSL (Super High-School Level) Musical. Her Friend Is Sora . She's Home Is In Tokyo (Japanesse).


She has pink hair, Pink Eyes (Sometimes Blue), Long Hair, Wearing Blue Dress (Sometimes The others).


Yui Is Friendly Girl Who Rarely Angry. She Doesn't Back To Her Hosue, Because She Miss Her Friend 'Sora '. She have feeling.


  • Her Favourite Foods Is Dorayaki And Ramen.
  • Her Hobby Is Playing Musical Instruments.
  • her favourite pet is Rabbit.
  • Her favourite character is Isana Tachibana .


"I Never Give Up!" (Yui)

"Hi, I'm New Student In Here!" (Yui To All Students Greenville Academy)

"Sora.. I'll be your best friend!" (Yui To Sora )

"Daddy, Shall I Say 'Good Bye' To You?" (Yui To Her Dad)

"I'm Just an Original Girl." (Yui)

"Ra-Chii Come On!" (Yui To Her Pet)