Hello there~ My name is Silcana Dreville,it's a pleasure to meet you~! Now,I'm going to tell you more about me~


She very addicted by candy or sweets,she always carry her candies in her pocket or bag. 


Actually, She's just made 3 years ago by the scientist around the world. And for 5 years,her duty was to obey their orders to kill someone with her power,but then she's sick of it,so she decides to run away from there and live alone


Nanomachines Controller

She can controls her nanomachines freely since it's inside her body. Her nanomachines can be used for Healing,Destroying,and Control anything around her.

Gravity Manipulation

She can manipulate the gravity for radius  200 meter


>"Level 01 Release!"  It means she'll distroys everything around her (radius 300meter) >"Level 02 Release!" (Radius 0,5 Kilometer) >"Level 03 Release!" (Radius 1 Kilometer)