Vince with his Violin

Name : Vincent Age : 18 , always Place and date of birth : France , December 20 .

Vince was one of the students Grenville Academy . Very good , like helping people . And really likes to play violin . But he is , Witch .


As already spelled out earlier , it is a very good man . he is more considerate of others , and always helping people . he includes a good witch .

Background ( with Kaoru's )Edit

He was the son of a famous witch family , you could say he was a prince in the land of witches . he was educated as a good witch However , another family Witch attacking Vince kingdom . and the Royal Family Vince fell . Vince wander , and up to Japan . he saw a small house and hear the melody of the house , He entered , and saw a girl . he greeted her , the girl snapped . The girl was out of the house . and Vince stroked his head . and asked "You are lonely , arenot  you? " The girl with a bandage on his eyes to cry . Vince smiled , and gave strength ' medusa ' to her . complete with ' Ear - Super ' , to hear more clearly than other men . because he knew the girl was blind . "Look at the person you fear , then it will be a stone . " The girl nodded and smiled , Vince suddenly shocked . Why she could smile with the situation ? ! Vince admired and adopted her to be his little sister. Then he hold her hand, never let go of it.

Then they came to Grenville Academy


As a Witch , he can do anything . > He can go to the past and into the future . > He could bewitch people . > He is immortal .

Weakness : He is too kind .


Kaoru - Addopted Little Sister