Sebastian Kai a.k.a Makoto Kyou

"Does anyone even realize that i am a vampire?" -Makoto Kyou


Sebastian Kai
Kanji 誠協
Alias Makoto Kyou
Race Royal Vampire
Age Human: 18

Vampire: 2000+

Birthday 3rd July (1995)
Horoscope Cancer
Height 190cm (70kg)
Gender male
Eyes Human: Brownish-grey

Vampire: Grey

Hair Black
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Newspaper delivery, Student (college, high school), chef, host, gas station employee.
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Sebastian Abrons (father)

Sebastian Hannah (mother) Sebastian Zero (older brother) Sebastian Albruna (Sister in Law) Yamada Masato (foster brother) More Washington (foster sister) In relationship with UruyamaMinoru

Abilities He stay alive without the needs of human blood, he drink a special concoction that makes only the pure one lives.

He do what the immortal and other vampire can do.

Weapons He use his mind as a weapon
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Kyou has short black hair styled into casual look and has brownish-grey eyes. He is thin; and 10cm shorter than 2 meters. He wears slim black full frame glasses which he love so much, he even sleep with it.  He also has a habit of pushing his glasses to the bridge of his nose right after he’s done doing something and he likes to stretched himself.

He likes to wear casual clothing like jeans and t-shirt, the fact, he is a t-shirt collector. He have the same t-shirt with different color or sometimes he even have a couple of the exact same t-shirt.


Kyoya Waking Up
Kyou is someone whose speak rough but soft hearted, he has a sadist nature which he would show only to certain people. Usually, people who experienced his sadist is someone who have a meaning in his life, and Kyou care for them. He have a bad habit which is loving a certain thing or caring certain people too much, so he’s often got hurt by people, and Kyou doesn’t mind to get hurt as long as he success to protect his precious. The certain thing which is obviously precious for him is his glasses and Tshirt, He also admired his hand to be one of the most precious thing in the world. He have a dream to be a top chef in the world and he work hard for it. He always made sure that his siblings has fulfilled their needs, he is also very strict in choosing a partner for his beloved siblings, as he's always finding out things about the race while his brother was in a relationship with the girl. In addition, he also had great respect for the food, he does not willingly when food was not cooked properly and the people throw away food.


Kyou is a royal vampire who wants a simple life. His dream is to be a number one chef in the world, so ran away from home right after his high school graduation day, which was in Germany. Eventhough it's hard, he's lucky that he managed to escape and live in Japan. There, he hid his true self as a vampire, he rented a modest flat on the results of his savings over the years. He enrolled in the field of food and beverage, and do work part timenya in more than 3 places, namely builders delivering newspapers, a chef at a restaurant, the host, and a gas station employee. He was driving the bike, but he was more often on foot. After 3 months of living a life like that, he met with Minoru, a young man who masquerades as women. He realized that he was gay, and when he knows that Minoru is a male, he asked him to be his lover. He also decided to increase his activities, he heard the news about Greenville academy and intend to work there as a supervisor of cooking club. When he signed up there, he found that he was not old enough .. So he was forced to repeat the high school until he's old enough to work there. In the process of becoming high school, he met Masato Yamada and More Washington which eventually became his step brother and sister.

"I am a gay, Is there any problem with that?" -Makoto Kyou


  • He is  a T-Shirt maniac.</li></li>
  • He can't live without his glasses, it is half of his soul.</li></li>
  • He thinks girl is troublesome.</li></li>
  • He respect women even though he don't really like them.</li></li>
  • He was disgusted by boobs.</li></li>
  • Don't wake him up if you still wants to live today.</li></li>
  • Brother complex, Sister complex, Gay and also a Sadist.</li></li>
  • He is a vampire</li></li>
  • He can only raise his left eyebrow.</li>