"When you start to smile, that's what makes you weak"Corneille

Corneille De La Noire (ブラックにはカラス, {Burakku ni wa karasu} lit "Crow In The Black") is Misaki real name, she change her name into Misaki after bad things happened to her. It seems like she want to hide her old presentence. so she decide to hide the real her and try a new life. she is one of Dark Serenity student.

Misaki is killed at the age of 12 after trying to stop the enemy that want to kill her brother. she is reincarnated, but has amnesia due to the trauma of losing her Brother after he protected her. 

Full name: Corneille De La Noire

  • Kanji: ブラックにはカラス
  • Romanji: Burakku ni wa karasu

Alias: Karasu Misaki (Crow)

Race: Human (Half Demon)

Age: 10 (physic) - 15 (real age)

Birthplace and Date: France, 14 - February - 1998

Gender: Female

Height: 128

Weight: 34

Hair Colour: Brown

Eyes Colour: Ruby Red

Status: Alive