"Human beings are hypocritical. They can only rely on the others, then when there is no needed anymore, they will leave." 

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Age: 1056

Birthdate: 11S Y54

Hobby: Unknown

Hair color: White

Race: Vampire


Kana appears to be a calm-typed and mysterious girl, who likes to wear a gothic lolita or vintage-styled outfit. She is fairly good on the academic lessons, especially in-class lessons. Such as biology, chemistry, physic, mathematics etc.

She may act arrogant toward boys, remembering that she hate boys because she thinks that boys are useless and hypocritical. 

Kana was a modern type vampire. Her skin could stay under the sun, however hot it is.


Kana was born in the noble family of vampire; a family that has nearly destroyed. When she was 5 years old, her parents was killed in front of her own eyes by some vampire hunter. That's why she hate humans, and claimed humans were hypocritical.

After that incident, she is gone nowhere to be found for many years. Then when it's 1048 years old, she shown in a crowded city, wearing a parasole and vintage-styled outfit.

She was interested to join in Grenville Academy because the promotion board that shown in the side of the city. And that's why Kana is now running an Academic Lesson on Greenville. She will also hunt for fresh blood of humans outside or inside the school late night.


She was temporarily seen wearing a gothic lolita outfit. Her hair is short and coloured light 

Touhou wings dress night moon purple hair short hair hats remilia scarlet anime girls vampire 150 8
purple--combines with the red-coloured eye.

Her height is 153 with weight 45.1 kilograms. She could be said as a "Loli Vampire".

Supernatural PowersEdit

Her supernatural power is unknown, but there is shown that she could read someone's mind, also communicate with gods. For example, when she pray to neptune; the god of ocean, then suddenly a tsunami would appear behind the opponent.


  • With the ability to pray to the gods, Kana is titled "God Summoner" by her friends.
  • She was also quite good making clothes.