Name : Jun

Age : 16 years old

Birth : 28 July
Height : 175 cm

Weight : 50 kg

Eyes color : Red {Current}, Black {Past}


  • Unknown Mother - Desceased
  • Unknown Father - Desceased


He lives with his parent happily but one day his parents is killed by an unknown person {Actually the one who killed his parent is himself} , Later he didn't come out the house and just sitting in the corner of his room seeing his parents's corpse. 1 month later the police found the corpse but jun is gone, it seems jun is runaway.


Jun when he is 10 years old


He is a tall young boy with a messy hair and he often use his gas mask along with his black jacket


Jun is actually a shy guy, but when he turned into his psycho side it turned 180 degree.


He enter Greenville academy to make more friend, he dislike being alone, Unfortunately he never make a new friend there. Jun is actually a serial killer, but nobody know about it.


- Jun is Immortal for an unknown reason

- he hates apple

- he is very good at biologic