Eleanor Longworth
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Age 16
Height 170 cm
Personal Status
Status Alive
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Eleanor the new student at Greenville academy, Hoping for a new friend and life. she tries to forget all abouther sickness, with her new school life, to live happily ever after. seriously what


Eleanor is a cheerful, friendly, and annoying girl, but sometimes she is very rude, those personality because of the Stress she received while in orphanage. After she diagnose suffered cancer she become more cold and rude rather than her real personality.


Eleanor is a slim girl, with a long brown hair and emerald eyes, her skin is pale, due to her sickness. Eleanor usually wear her greenville female uniform, with a red ribbon attached on the neck, a pair of brown shoes adorn her feet. Eleanor sometimes forgot to uses her sock. wth eleanor.


Eleanor, come from the prestigious Longworth family, she is the second daughter of the family along with her twin sister, Her brother Lewis died after an accident along with her parent. she and her twin are abandoned in the orphanage by their maid Eva, but she has forgotten about those memory. her twin sister existence is never revealed. Eleanor stressed out in the orphanage, she decide to runaway, along in her journey to england she learn some a power, that she could read everyone's mind. in her 16 birthday Eleanor become a patient at Greenwich Hospital, after she diagnose suffered cancer stage 2. she never get out of her room, cyring all over the day wishing her family come back and seeing her for the last time. few month later Eleanor, done her treatment and decided to enter an Academy named Greenville.


Maria Longworth - [Mother;Desceased]
Lucius Longworth - [Father;Desceased]
Lewis Longworth - [Brother;Desceased]
Emillie Longworth - [Twin sister;Unknown]
Eva - [Maid;Unknown]


Claire Honekawa/Wildblood - She know her when she accidentally bump her on the street, they became really close friend.

Elizabeth Blakeheit - when she moves to greenville, she meet her in front of the academy gates, not really her close friend.


  • Eleanor hates banana so much
  • she has a persian cat named Lukas