Welcome to the Dark Serenity OC RP WikiEdit

This wiki is about the life of the citizens living in Greenville City, a small quaint, yet interesting city located in Washington, where most of the citizens can be counted as weird, especially with how unique every single species is. We say species, because not all of them are human. 

Greenville CityEdit

A city used as the place for the members of DSOCRP to live. It's located somewhere in Washington. The city isn't quite big, but it has everything a city needs, and one of everything. The first mayor was Issei Vasseliuse Flinton, which for unknown reasons gave the position up to his husband, Keith Flinton. There is a large park in the middle of the city where all the citizens usually hang out with each other, now complete with spots to play video games thanks to Matt Robbins. 


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