Connor Fritz von Blumenstein
Alias Con
Prince of Pranks
Race Human
Age 29
Birthday 17th of December
Height 193 cm
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Musician
Previous Occupation Student at Greenville Academy
Teacher at Greenville Academy (Resigned)
Actor (Resigned)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Axel Blumenstein - Spouse (alive)
Leopold von Blumenstein - Father (deceased)
Marie von Blumenstein (née Blanchefleur) - Mother (alive)

Frank Huntington - Stepfather (alive)
Belinda Blanchefleur - Cousin (alive)
Karl Blanchefleur - Uncle (deceased)
Annaliese Blanchefleur (née Auttenberg) - Aunt (deceased)
Otto Blanchefleur - Grandfather (alive)

Abilities Mana Manipulation
Weapons Luger
Image Gallery

Connor was born to a family of musicians, his father was a well-known pianist, and his mother was a singer, he was taught on how to play the violin when he was 5 and was considered a child prodigy.

When he was 15, his father was shot dead in front of his doorsteps, a month after the incident, his mother married an English drunkard and became happy again, though this was not the case for Connor. His stepfather despised him and on a few occasions, beat him.

So when he was 16, he ran away to Vienna with some money and enters a music school there. The teachers at his music school saw his talents and decides to send him to Washington D.C.

There he met plenty of good friends and slowly forgot about his stepfather. Connor wasn't a straight A student, but he graduated from the school.

The 18 year old Connor went to university in Vienna. He drops out after four years and pursued an acting career. He landed a role as the main protagonist of a comedy series. The series ended after three years.

At the age of 26, Connor decided to go back to Greenville and applies as a teacher in Greenville Academy. He resigned at the age of 28.

Connor has a cousin named Belinda von Culbert whom he treats like his own sister. She is six years younger than him and lives in XO City.

Personality Edit

As a teenager Edit

  • Cheeky
  • Cheerful
  • Goofy
  • Immature
  • Perverted
  • Annoying
  • Flirty

As an adult Edit

  • Mature
  • Optimistic
  • Calm
  • Kind
  • Helpful
  • Playful
  • Goofy (to a certain extent)

Powers Edit

Connor is able to manipulate 'mana'. He inherited this power from his great grandfather, who supposedly married an Anodite.

Anodites in human forms can manipulate mana at a lesser degree than in their true forms for a variety of effects like: limited reality-warping, energy manipulation, flight, telekinesis, object creation and dissipation, opening portals, repairing objects, elemental manipulation, telepathy, dowsing, memory manipulation and invisibility.

In their true forms, they can warp reality, fly across space, transport themselves and others to other dimensions and create a body of their choice.

He doesn't use this power often, but he still trains them as often as possible.

Trivia Edit

  • Connor's mother was German. It was his father that was Austrian.
  • Connor and his cousin agreed that 15 is an unlucky number due to the fact that their fathers were killed when they were 15
  • He can speak English, German, and a bit of Latin
  • He likes to collect jars. Both antique and modern
  • Although he is now more mature, he still loves to play pranks. Just like when he was young.
  • Has a fear of doctors
  • Loves classical music