Nickname : Celetia or Celes

Hometown : London, England

Date of Birth : 7January

Age : 16

Blood Type : B

She is one of Greenville Academy's students. She joins Dark Magic Club. She is a necromancer and assassin beside being a student. She title herself as Super High-School Level Necromancer.


She loves to joke around but sometimes it made others annoyed. When she meets strangers, she act cruel and cold-hearted but when she takes liking to someone, she is kind to them. Sometimes, she always talks nonsense. She can act childish and selfish. She is a moody person. She even get bored with her personality.


She has pale skin and medium-length black hair. Her eyes is a pair of sky blue colored orbs. Her Height is 175 cm and weight 42 kg.


Gilbert Litchfield (Deceased Father)

Carolina Litchfield (Deceased Mother)

Elizabeth Cartwright (Deceased Aunt)

Robert Middleton (Deceased Boss)

Alfred Fletcher (unknown, childhood friend)


Her Father was english noble man and her mother was american. When she was 10 y.o, her parents died in an accident. Because of that, Her aunt sold her to a doll company. She was locked and chained in dark place for 3 years because she refuse to do as her boss' commands. She always gets punishments everyday. One day, she know her boss and aunt is the one responsible for her parent's accident, She without hesitation killed both of them due to her hatred. She run away from that place and being raised by Fletcher family. That's how she met Alfred and became friend with him. After 3 years, she go to Greenville Academy, leaving Fletcher Family.


She is very fond of her Swordmanship. She can make and control undead and golem by her will. She also can make a copycat with same ability as her opponent. She can use dark magic quite well. She can't use her ability in long time because it will drained her energy. Her weapon is one handed sword and wires.


"Everything in this world are fakes. Your personality nor your smiles...all of them are fake" (to Alfred)

"I hate older people because they think big of theirselves. Don't you think so ?" (to Alfred)

"I want to see beautiful sides of this cruel world"

"I got this power to 'destroy' not to 'protect', It sucks"

"Weaklings are weaklings. That facts can't be change. Ironic, isn't it ?"

"I won't fight you. Come back again when You can make me scared, weaklings"


  • Celes likes to sleep a lot
  • Her favourite food is Pocky and her favourite drink is Milkshakes
  • She dislike weaklings
  • She didn't feel guilty or hesitation when assassinate someone
  • She loves Penguin and Rabbit
  • She had a penguin names 'Gil' and  a rabbit names 'Carol' but they already dead
  • She tooks her penguin and rabbit's name from her parent's nicknames
  • She has favorite mini-golem names 'Al'