" Hi, Nice to Meet you. im the Blind Pianist, Kaoru. Have a nice day " - Kaoru Hazuki

Kaoru with her piano


a Kind Girl who like smile. She always act like she dont have any pityful past. But, she just cover her face with a happy smile. actually, her heart always crying.


Yes, she is blind. but once she open her eyes, person who stand in front of her self can be a stone for 3 Hours. She always do that to people who touch her piano. after turn the person to stone, she use her knife to kill that person

Weakness : She cant use her 'medusa abilty' while she playing her piano.


Kaoru was one of a so many victims of Hiroshima bomb. and her parents died. So she is alone now.

Because she feel lonely, she joining Dark Serenity . Maybe she can meet a new person.


She very likes to play piano. and she like while peoples hear her melody. .